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Gay Holidays for Singles in Italy

Most of Quiiky Italian customers are gay solo travellers. We do consider the segment as a specificity of the gaymarket. Nevertheless, a  gay holiday for singles is not so easy to plan, because being a gay solo traveller means that you do not want to travel alone, most of the times. We understand that when singles, travellers love to stay in groups, look for opportunities to come together… Thi is the reason for gay group tours or gay cruises, during summer, when most of the people have the time and the peace of mind to gather and know new friends. A gay holiday for singles can also be profitable, from an economic point of view, as rooms or cruise cabins are available for sharing. Dedicated gay cruises keep it into great consideration as a lever for their market.

If we think of Italy, Milan and Rome are cities where they can find entertainment, cruising, pubs and bars, even though mainly during summer, when discoes are organized in open spaces or on the beaches.

Depending on the customer’s expectation, we usually organize small groups for declared gay destinations (Gran Canaria, Israel, i.e.), in order to guarantee opportunities of meeting locals and creating new friendships. GayCruises are also another enjoyable gay single travellers’ opportunity, mainly because they feel to be free and accepted amongst pairs. This is the reason why we do not advise ‘mixed’ cruises with straight people as guests on board.

Let's plan your next Gay Solo Vacation in Italy