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Quiiky Italia: A gay travel tour operator

It has been 17 years now, that Quiiky tour operator has been focusing on gay travel tours. Having been founded by Alessio and Andrea when they were youngsters, they have gone a long way, achieving the leadership in organizing gay travel tours both for Italy and abroad.

Nevertheless, Quiiky Tours is not only a tour operator. Organizing gay travelling requires specific competence, not only preferably being a gay couple. The added value of referring to a specialized gay-tour organizer is to be found into confiance and trust, into the commitment of guaranteeing safety and wellbeing in destinations, which are not so easy to find all over the world. Gay travel tours need specific knowledge of the market, being updated on the national local politics and guarantee the safest tour possible. Hospitality, catering and travelling are not always so gay- friendly and they need to be verified country by country. Again, when destination weddings or gay civil unions are involved and the risk of failure is just behind the corner, to rely on a wise and well-prepared gay travel tour operator can make the difference between happy or sad moments.

What we do at Quiiky is listening to our customers and trying to understand their real needs. Sometimes they ask to go on a gay tour to destinations which may be dangerous or at least not safe….sometimes they ask for inspirations and discover amazing places they would not think of.  Anyway, we always transmit passion and belief in what our mission is: try to contribute to make a better world for anyone, by making gay people travel the way they are!

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