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Planning a gay rome vacation? In the city there is a plenty and vibrant gay life and so many gay-friendly bars, hotels and events. If you are planning a short break to see the fabulous roman places but don’t know where to start, this beginners’ guide should help you to create the best trip ever. Ready to book your next tour today? Visit the Coppedè: gay Rome is packed full...
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In 1900, the first Fiat factory opened in corso Dante, in Turin. The charter of Società Anonima Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino or Fiat, was signed on July 11, 1899. Giovanni Agnelli was on the Board of Directors, but quickly distinguished himself as the Company’s innovator. He was determined Fiat would be highly successful and had great strategic vision. Because of these qualities, he became Managing Director of Fiat in 1902. Fiat has held a leading role in the automotive industry since its...
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Did you know where Nutella was created and why? The history of Nutella is an inspiring tale of love and passion combined with the meticulous selection and processing of the finest raw materials to create a unique and incomparable product. So now lots and lots of families around the globe start their days off with a spread&smile at breakfast time. Originally, Nutella was a smart solution to a tricky problem:...
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Enjoy this LGBT-friendly tour in Piedmont throughout, Turin, the first capital city in Italy, the lake area and some hidden, minor and unknown stunning destinations in the country. Celebrities like Madonna was in Turin and she visited the second most important Museum in the Old Egyptian World: Museo Egizio. You will get in touch with local people, who will take you to experience the vibrant, aristocratic elegance, nature, architecture and...
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Gallipoli is the best gay destination in recent years, not only in Apulia or as well known as Puglia but throughout Southern Italy. Every year, it attracts more and more tourists not only Italians but also a big public from all over the world. It is considered a place like Ibiza in Spain, because of the nightlife you can feel in there; the crystal clear water and fabulous beaches surrounded...
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