This week we talked about the beauty of Naples and our Untold History Tour. Naples is plunged into history, traditions, beliefs and a unique food experience, such as street food and the famous pizza. Pizza was invented here! Tradition holds that Margherita pizza was created in 1889 by a local chef in honor of Queen Margherita, who was visiting Naples. In 2017, UNESCO declared the Neapolitan pizza and also the art of Neapolitan pizzaioli, or pizza makers,...
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After being shot with arrows … …St. Sebastian was portrayed as a semi-nude handsome young figure putting to death.The history says that during the Black Plague St. Sebastian was invoked against pestilence. While he was dying the torturers confessed their love to him out loud because of his beauty. He was a Roman soldier who was convicted of helping prosecuted Christians and condemned by his friend, the emperor of the...
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Same-sex desire shown at the British Museum The British Museum is the first National Public Museum in the world and was founded in 1753. Since the beginning has guaranteed free entrance to all visitors from around the world and today visitors are more than 6 million in a year. The Museum was originally stablished in 1753 after that Sir Hans Sloane left his collection of more than 71,000 objects to King...
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The king who fell in love with two men The are so many Untold Histories around the world, one of them is the one from the King of France: Louis XIII. Luis XIII was born in 1601 and he was heir of the House of Borbon. He became King of France when he was only 9 years after his father was murdered. During his life he had several problems, including...
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Miami’s Gay History Miami is mostly known for its beaches and beautiful scenarios, also for the art deco that still remains on the streets and the buildings in South Beach. What people sometimes don’t know is that Miami is the place where different LGBT movements took place. The gay people choose Miami as the place to be at least from 1930. The gay scene at the time included different types...
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