Alan Turing, the gay father of the artificial intelligence Alan Turing was born in London in 1912, he became famous because he’s represented as the father of the artificial intelligence. When he was young he had a natural inclination for science and mathematics, that’s why he started to solve advanced problems, like Newton’s laws of motion. During his stay at the Sherborn School, he met Christopher Morcom, a friend considered...
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The Greenwich Village, the historic gay district of New York The Greenwich Village neighborhood is situated on lower Manhattan, known also as “the village” is a place full with Gay history. This area in the 16th was a place to cultivate tobacco and then was turned into pasture; during the following years the place became a place where the penitentiary was settled. The Greenwich villa is known as a place...
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The Lesbian Queen of England In the 17th century the Queen of England was Anne Stuart. She was loved by the people of her time because they said that she was a magnificent Queen. Anne wasn’t grown to become the Queen, that’s why she received an education for a person of her social status not for a Queen, however, she knew only a few things about history or military affairs....
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The Homomonument, an LGBT symbol against discrimination In the center of Amsterdam, you can find a memorial named “Homomonument”, raised to commemorate gay and lesbian who have been persecuted. The idea became in 1970 when some homosexual activists were arrested for trying to bring a crown of lavender flowers to national war memorial “De Eendracht” situated on the De Dam Square, and the crown was removed by the police and...
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Lili, the Danish transgender Lili Elbe, became to live not only for her book “Man into woman” but also for the film The Danish Girl. Lili was born as Einar Magnus Andreas Wegener in 1882 in Denmark. For most of her life, Lili was known as Einar, a Danish painter specialized in landscapes and paintings of Paris. When Einar studied art in Copenhagen, he met Gerda Wegener and they fell in...
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