Antinous, a Gay God? Antinous was born in Greece in Claludiopolis, and he was probably a slave when he was young. During a trip to Greece, Antinous was recruited by the Emperor Hadrian and was sent to Italy. In Italy he started the school at Caelian Hill and when the Emperor came back to Italy made Antinous his assistant and favorite person. Antinous was very intelligent and that’s something that Hadrian liked. When...
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The gay love story behind Hadrian’s Villa At only 45 minutes away from Rome you can find Hadrian’s Villa, built in the second century ac. This villa was constructed as a retreat for the Roman Emperor Hadrian in Tivoli, a perfect place for its beautiful landscape. The villa has different styles like classical Greek architecture and spa, pavilions gardens and residential buildings. This Villa was built after the death of...
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The obsession of Hendrik Christian Andersen and his love for Henry James Hendrik Christian Andersen was a Norwegian artist, he used to live in Rhode Island but after an Euro trip with his family, at the age of 21, he decided to move to Rome and spend his life there. He was a sculptor, a painter and a writer; and his artworks where based in the classic masterpieces. When he arrived...
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The secret cabinet at the Naples Archeological Museum includes homosexual representations The Naples National Archaeological Museum -situated in Naples, Italy- has a magnificent collection of Roman, Greek and Renaissance times. Also here you can find a big collection of antiquity from Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae. If you walk into the Museum, you will be amazed by the statues that seem intact by time, beautiful sculptures made in marble of gay...
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Herod Atticus and his Untold History Did you know that Herod had a love story with a guy name Polydeukes? Herod Atticus was a Roman official, friend of the Emperor Hadrian and one of the richest men in Greece. He lived in Rome for several years and one of his greatest stories of love was with his disciple Polydeukes. When his beloved Polydeukes died, Herod decided to build some statues that...
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