The Secret Life of Massachusetts

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The Secret Life of Massachusetts

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Untold History Tours are itineraries uncensored and different from the rest, focused in LGBT topics often unspoken.

Massachusetts, is the first American state to recognize LGBT marriage, and now, at the forefront in the fight for the recognition of Transgender’s rights. This state is famous because here (namely Cape Cod) landed parties Pilgrims from England in 1620 aboard the famous Mayflower.

The coasts of Massachusetts have often been a source of inspiration for the Hollywood filmography, often based on real facts. From the movie The Perfect Storm with George Clooney set in the town of Gloucester, to the recent film “The last storm” with the couple Chris Pine-Casey Affleck, both inspired by true events; through books like The Scarlet Letter or The Crucible from the writer Stephen King, born in Maine.

Boston is an alternative town in European style, important for openness about sexual orientation, full of colleges and universities, nice to visit by bike along the banks of the Charles River or eating the typical local sandwich lobster.

Near Boston we find Salem, mostly known for being one of the symbols of horror cinema and the hunt of the people who were suspected they had supernatural powers.

Around Boston many cities to discover: Northampton (known for hosting the biggest Lesbian community and the Smith College -women’s only-, from where became one of the feminist movements), where there is the Springfield Basketball Hall of Fame; Pittsfield a place where the writer Herman Melville lived, known for the novel Moby Dick farm.

From Boston, by car or by ferry (90 minutes), you can reach the Cape Cod peninsula, a wealth of wonderful lighthouses, where the Indian tribe of Wampanoag used to live; and where you can find another mecca for the Gay: Provincetown, very famous for being a refuge and source of inspiration for many artists, writers, actors, painters and playwrights.

Nearby two islands worth visiting are Martha’s Vineyard, where they have the villa American presidents and Nantucket.



The tour will begin in Boston, a city that combines modernity without forgetting the history. We begin our trip with a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts.

To understand the present we must first know our past. We will dive into the history in this museum, here, in fact, the art collection represents the history in each historical period. From  collector Edward Perry, that includes several works of homoerotic art, to charcoal drawer John Sargent. Also a stop at the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum and the Theatre Offensive, which represents the diversity and gay life, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people through insulation, the challenges and the status quo. 

One of the places to visit in Boston is the Museum of Contemporary Art in Boston, born in fellowship at New York’s MOMA. For over 75 years this museum has presented contemporary art in all its forms: multimedia, video, performance, film and literature.


The second stop on our tour is Salem, known by all for the witch hunt in 1692, that left an indelible mark that still is remembered at the celebration of Halloween.

Here you can visit the “House of the Seven Gables“, built in 1668 by John Turner. This house is a source of inspiration for the writer Hawthorne novel, which tells the story of a curse that only the love between two people can defeat. 

To know the history of the witch hunt will visit the Salem Witch Museum, where you will see the interesting staging process made against witches. Northampton

A stage is very important to know the LGBT culture of Massachusetts is the city of Northampton, home of Smith College.

This city was one of the first to recognize the egalitarian marriage in 2004, and is one of the cities with the highest percentage of all US lesbian. Feminists ideas of Smith College students have strongly inspired by the lifestyle of women of Northampton. This institution was founded by Sophia Smith in 1871, having inherited a sum of money from his father. Feminism institute comes in the 60’s, and among its famous students who have studied at the College can be mentioned: the writer Catherine McKinnon, poet and writer Sylvia Plath and the political and economist Laura Tyson.


To continue the path we will visit the town of Provincetown located in Cape Cod, well known to the LGBT community. Provincetown during the 20’s and 30’s became a destination of inspiration for many artists, writers, playwrights, romantic, and journalists, for its beauty and its avant-garde freedom.

All this has helped make today an artistic and modern colony. This unconventional city on the tip of Cape Cod is the ideal destination for gay and lesbian summer holidays.

In Provincetown, you can visit the Pilgrim Museum


What to expect

This tour winds through the iconic gay towns of Massachusetts: discover the elegant Boston, the mysterious Salem, sail to Cape Cod and visit Provincetown, as well as the tiny islands of  Martha’s Vineyard e Nantucket. Provincetown is the gayest town of the East Coast. Do not forget to visit Northampton and its Smith College: the first lesbian community in USA originated here.  

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