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Gay Vacation

As experts of gay vacations, Quiiky Tours showcases a wide expertise, as a market leader for gay tours. Nevertheless, what is a ‘gay vacation’? What are its distinguishing features?

Firstly, not all gay vacations are the same. It depends on the expectations and on the customer’s life-style. Our experience says that when planning a gay  tour in Italy, for example, culture, food and the iconic ‘dolce vita’ are in demand. Usually, gay districts are also requested but they are not a priority: of course, we always suggest where to go to enjoy some local gay life, mainly in big cities such as Milan or Rome.

An Italian gay vacation can  represent a great discovery: we organize walking tour in major towns, to showcase how much of gay life can be unveiled of the Italian glorious past. From the Vatican Museums, to the Colosseum, from Leonardo da Vinci to Michelangelo, from the Venetian Gay District to Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi, Capri….

When organizing gay vacations abroad, we select the safest destinations, being aware that 72 countries in the world are not gay-friendly and adopt a very strict policy to tackle the LGBTQ+ community. We firmly refuse to suggest gay travel experiences where gays are banned or harassed or there is even  only a minimum risk for their safety. Arabic countries, for example, are on our black list, as well as Russia or China. A Gay vacation must guarantee dedicated entertainment, freedom of expression and law tutelage. These are our concerns. And we try to stop people from going to those countries which can represent a true personal risk.

Let's plan your next Gay Vacation in Italy