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Herod Atticus and his Untold History

Did you know that Herod had a love story with a guy name Polydeukes?

Herod Atticus
Herod Atticus

Herod Atticus was a Roman official, friend of the Emperor Hadrian and one of the richest men in Greece. He lived in Rome for several years and one of his greatest stories of love was with his disciple Polydeukes. When his beloved Polydeukes died, Herod decided to build some statues that could remember him, making some kind of imitation of the Untold History of the Emperor Hadrian and Antinuous.

But, Heroded not only raised statues for Polydeukes but also for his other 2 lovers, that made him the central focus for scandal and gossip at the time.

One of the Gay Personalities that lived in the past and show us the Untold History.

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